Evolving Digital Marketer and Creative Strategist in Kollam,Kerala.

I’m Siddique Shajahan

An Emerging Digital marketer and creative strategist in Kollam, Kerala.

Are you in pursuit of growing your business?

Let me be your right ally for growth.

About me:

Hi, Siddique Shajahan here.

I’m a digital marketer and creative strategist in Kollam for you and an aethete who channels the expressions of soul through writing and engaging conversations with fellow aesthetes.

I got my graduation from Kerala University. Since then I started experimenting with words to master them because I believe that, the words have great potential to make the world a better place to explore happily.

It was the realization that ” the story teller inside me can adapt to human emotions and make them feel better” led my way to be a copywriter.

The perks of copwriting led my way to creative advertising. I’m on my mission to firm my grip over it.

And here I’m now for you.

Days of experience : 389+

Clients worked with: 12

Your key is safe here

Reaching out to the right target audience with the right content having the right expression is always the key to increasing leads and clients.

For you it’s the lock when it comes to online medium. I developed myself as a Digital marketer. Precisely speaking; A creative strategist and copywriter.

As a Creative Strategist, I can help you, the entrepreneur or business owner, to enhance your sales and leads through social media and thereby increase your profit.

Hear your why to hire me as a digital creative strategist?

Unique creative strategies are my strength

My works boast of my expertise. I’ve accomplished my goals each and every time by coming up with unique and result oriented creative strategies.

Result-oriented Meta ad creative strategies.

Instead of conventional ads, I strategise to  hook audience with proper analysis for scaling results

Customer centered ad strategies

Ads which are not only creatively pleasing but also made to engage them to take action right away.

Services from me as a Creative Strategist

I’m a digital marketer who have experience in all niches but I’m

expertised as an Ad-Creative Strategist. These are my prior work fields.


Proper targeted and exactly planned facebook advertising for scaling results

Ad-Creative Strategist

Ad-creatives that hooks the audience and delivering the right informations.


Words that can reach the target audience to push them take the action right away.

Photographer and Videographer

Visuals of the products that can engage and tease the audience to click the bait.

Website Builder

Highly optimised and result oriented websites that sounds exact for your firm.

Search engine optimizer

To be the first in the google search picture to place your service reach their eye first.


Sabna Farsana

Life Coach | Kerala

I’m really pleased with the creative strategies Siddique Shajahan has provided for me. It has helped me to grow my personal profile in a way which enhanced my recognition and scaled my leads. As a copywriter he did brilliant job to build my social profile.


Noufal Samrath

Seo Expert in kazargod, Kerala.

That was a real brilliant work! I still remember our first work we did together. He’s content to go as far as he can to get the thing done in its fruitful manner. The way he analyse the scenario is really admirable which makes him a good creative strategist.


Muhsina Thengilan

Social Media Strategist in Kerala

We had worked together only for a short period but I would really recommend him. His strategies on creative aspects of  had helped me alot.

Mohammed Suhail

Digital Marketing Expert in Kozhikkode, Kerala.

Siddique Shajahan is well dedicated to his work and he always comes with practically unique ideas to improve the work quality. I’m delighted to work together with him.

Navneeth B Chandran

Co-founder of Use Brain, Kerala

The patience and commitment towards the work he does helps him to bring the best out of the ideas. His qualities make him the right person to engage with for a teamwork.


Who is a creative strategist?

A Creative strategist analyse the trends in the industry and come up with creative ad campaigns to enhance the sales or services.

Why a creative strategist is important in advertising?

A properly strategized ad-campaigns could only stand a way in this intensely competitive advertising environment.

Is my service available outside Kerala?

My services are always available to any firm or person in and outside Kerala. I can work both as a Creative Strategist and Digital Marketing Executive.

What does a creative ad-strategist do at Facebook?

It’s a challenging task to scale the output meta-advertising. A creative strategist study the audience and weave hooks to engage audience and to take quick action.

What makes a good creative strategist?

The ability to effectively convey information, both verbally and in writing, analytic skills and precision are crucial for a good creative strategist. 

Want to scale you sales with creative Ads? Just throw a mail.

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