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5 essential formulas for high-converting and engaging UGC ads

We all know that for any ad creative, a well-planned ad script is a necessity. It’s another major necessity to strategize the creative to ensure it is engaging. For this, I found some formulas for framing UGC ads that can increase engagement. Ultimately, this could help increase the conversion rates.

Check these 5 essential formulas for high-converting and engaging UGC ads.

5 essential formulas for high-converting and engaging UGC ads.

  1. Know the content purpose

    The basis on which you’re building the entire frame does matter! Understand and fix your prime purpose first and foremost. Is your purpose to scale conversion or to build your brand? According to your purpose, you should build a strategy for an engaging UGC ad. The elements used to structure the ad are different for different purposes.

  2. Get to know your target audience.

    Study your target audience in order to understand their requirements, their queries, and, moreover, their pain points. This can be done by analyzing where they engage the most with relative contents. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and even you can check amazon and Flipkart for doing these. Analyze what their pain points are. There you’re getting the right information for framing the hooks to hold their attention. To frame the hooks through words, use brilliant copywriting strategies.

  3. It shouldn’t look like an ad!

    Yes, it is an ad. But it should not look like an ad. This is one of the several benefits of UGC ads for marketers. User-generated contents can mimic the regular content frame. It is largely useful because it helps us not interrupt the user experience of our prospects. but it’s our ability to make them in such a manner. Don’t boast about the features of the product or service. Instead, share with them how the product solved your problem.

  4. Never lose the authenticity

    Never lose the authenticity of your content. It’s better not to adjust any of the design elements because this is definitely not a promotion video or a commercial video. Try to keep it user-generated. Any further alteration could lose its authenticity. If it’s possible, try different methods to present the content. because it’s obviously necessary in Facebook ads, where continuous experimentation is required.

  5. Length of the ad

    Note this important factor because lengthy ads will definitely frustrate the viewers. A perfect ad-creative should be engaging and exhibiting the information fast at the same time. But the quick transition should never interrupt the understandable nature of the ad. It’s better to blend the visuals and verbal to share the information. It could effectively help in reducing the time of the ad and improving the engaging factors of the ad.


These days, a regular or common ad without a proper strategy won’t stand a chance to scale conversions. To create an engaging UGC ad, try to follow the above-mentioned points. Know the content purpose, get to know your target audience, never mimic the commercial ads, never lose the authenticity and finally optimize the length of the ad. Now try these formulas in your UGC creative advertisement and watch the change.

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