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5 Important elements to include in your UGC ad-script.

What is the benefit of a skeleton without muscles? That is the exact picture of a UGC ad without a properly strategized ad script. A sales driving ad-creative must be answering the queries of its target audience. But it won’t be enough. People should be able to relate to the pain points. A user-generated content could workout a mind blowing result. But the ad creative should consist of certain elements.

Now, remember these 5 important elements to include in your UGC ad-script.

5 important elements to include in your UGC ad-script.

  1. A brilliant hook.

    As a digital marketer, you should be aware of the hooks! Especially while creating an ad-creative script. The script must include a hook that could catch and hold the attention of your target audience. The hooks can be the copy, image, or any element in the video. In any way the result of engagements and reach is definitely relied on the hooks. So improve the copywriting strategies and designs.

  2. Share how the product works.

    People definitely want to know how the thing works. Once you grab their attention, you should explain it. Obviously, it must be in an entertaining or attractive manner. The hook should always be there! Try to answer the most possible questions they will be searching for. Therefore a proper analysis or study of the target audience must be done before starting the ad-creative strategy planning. Study the queries of your targeted audiences.

  3. Before and after results

    What happens if I use your service or product? Definitely, it would be what they’re looking for in your ad. Especially while watching a UGC video, people would be desperate to know or see the results. If possible show them the results lively. It helps a lot with e-commerce UGC ads. In the case of beauty products, this works brilliantly.
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  4. Talk about the problem your product or service solves.

    This part requires a lot of attention. Visually represent the issue or problem your product or service intends to solve. Show the adverse effects of what happens if you’re not willing to respond to the issue. Include the scientific data or facts if possible to enhance the trustworthiness or credibility of your work.

  5. What makes the product unique?

    There must be alternatives for your service or product. So give them a reason for buying your product. exhibit the unique selling point. Always speak of the benefits. What is the benefit of bragging about your product’s features if it doesn’t make any sense to the viewers? If possible, show them visually the benefits of the features of your product


Facebook advertisements these days can’t be common. The competition is rising each and every minute. Also, people are exhausted with minute-by-minute ads. This is where UGC contents work effectively. It can work brilliantly, but only if it is framed with a well-revised script. Never forget the above-mentioned elements to include in your UGC ad script. Place a hook to grab attention, Share how your product works, the before and after effects, the problem your product solves, and your product’s unique features.

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