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8 Benefits of User-Generated Contents(UGC) for marketers-How can it benefit you?

Here an ad, there an ad and everywhere ad! ad!.

It’s easier to get into scrolls with conventional ad creatives, but it’s tough to scale conversions with it these days.

UGC ads can suffice our requirements and even jump off the page by hitting right into the target audience’s emotions to strengthen branding.

what is User-Generated Content(UGC)?

User Generated Content(UGC) is the information generated by the users, which can be visuals (images/ videos) or texts (reviews) of their free will of them. Advertisements molded from the UGC context can give an upper hand over competing for usual ads.

User-Generated Content examples are product demo videos, lifestyle shot images, testimonial videos and unboxing videos, case studies, blog posts. These are highly prevalent in these times.

Who do we consider for first suggesting a product or any information about the product? It must be your close ones. People believe people. That’s where User-Generated Content holds its roots. Therefore, the fact that “92% of the consumers resort to people they know for advice rather than turning to any other source” wouldn’t amaze you.

Now, What are the 8 benefits of UGC for marketers?

8 benefits of UGC for marketers

  1. UGC ads can mimic the regular contents in the feeds of social media.

    User-generated contents contain personalized information, which has a lot of benefits. Especially, it never interrupt the browsing experience of the user. This benefit can hold the audience’s attention longer. If your UGC ad is good enough to hook the viewer with your creative strategies, it could easily help to scale your ROI. These perks drive our way to the next benefit.

  2. UGC ads shorten the time for decision making.

    Ad campaign ideas based upon user-generated content can leverage sales or leads. This is primarily done by shortening the time for making the decision, which is because of the credibility UGC generates among the viewers. 79% of people say user-generated content exerts a strong influence on their buying decisions (Stackla). This can be seen as the effect of digital marketing on consumer behaviour

  3. Cost-effective than usual Creative ad campaigns.

    While most video ad creatives are expensive to create, UGC ads are almost free in terms of content generation. Instead of ads like animated or visually appealing ones that are costly to create and may not work these days, user-generated contents can connect to the audience easily without any cost of production. There are several meta advertising tips that you must know. Check out my new blog: 5 important meta-advertising tips

  4. Build credibility and enhance trust in people.

    Is there anyone else who loves advertisements other than marketers? In such a case, it would be funny to ask if anyone trusts advertisements. As we said, people trust each other. Precisely speaking, people trust reviews, testimonials, ratings, and obviously user-generated contents. Consumers identify UGC contents 9.8x more effective than influencer content when making a decision to purchase (Stackla).
    Therefore this trust of people is their free investment for us to increase our credibility. Use its benefits fruitfully.

  5. Less time consumption.

    On account of time requirements, User Generated Contents can save a lot of our time, which is definitely a blessing because Facebook advertisements or “meta-advertisements” function best in a trial and error manner. UGC ads can limit the loss of time due to content idea framing, creative strategy planning, and execution.

  6. Differentiate from normal or usual ads

    The users themselves produce new and different ideas that can stand out in the noise. Through this, they can put forward novel perspectives to market our product or service. Normal hooks, colour highlights, and font sizes don’t matter that much because everyone is behind these conventional ad strategies and also because people are used to them. So, with its trust-generating factors, user-generated content marketing can help you stand out from the crowd.

  7. Connects the brand towards people.

    The UGC ads don’t restrict itself to be inside profit or revenue boundaries. They can enhance the value of your product. It also symbolises that the brand encourages free and open interaction with the public. This can increase your social media recognition, which helps with branding.

  8. Increase the sales or leads immensely.

    Branding advantages, public interaction, building trust, and what else would be needed to push someone to take the action? A properly strategized UGC ad can definitely convince any targeted audience to become a buyer.

To summarize

User-generated content marketing is taking root in marketing techniques. UGC ads contain genuine hooks that people can relate to. Thus it can engage people without interrupting their browsing experience. Proper advertising strategies for using this free information can improve branding, build credibility, and thereby raise revenue.

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